Flexible storage tanks for liquids

For more than twenty years, EUFOR INTER has been advising, distributing (sales & aftersales) and installing storage tanks made by LABARONNE-CITAF – the inventors of flexible storage – from Belgium throughout the BeNeLux, Germany and for exports.

Since 1959, LABARONNE-CITAF has been designing and industrialising flexible solutions made from highly resistant coated polyester textiles for the storage, treatment and transport of various liquids, with capacities ranging up to 2,000 m3 (per tank).

More than 3,000 flexible tanks are manufactured each year and installed worldwide on behalf of civil protection services, the military, firefighting services, humanitarian organisations, municipalities, farmers, industry, construction and environmental actors.

Each range of tanks is specially adapted to the liquids that they store: industrial textiles and equipment specifically designed their applications and user requirements.

The success and longevity of the Labaronne-Citaf brand are a testament to its manufacturing quality, expertise, and distribution network.


Integrated quality management system that enjoys recognition from professionals and organisations worldwide. Our workshop is quality-certified according to ISO 9001.


The design and engineering offices works together with us to find the best product for your needs. The Labaronne-Citaf engineers can design custom flexible storage solutions for even the most complex projects. They are constantly developing and perfecting new processes that are then reviewed, tested and approved by certified authorities.

EUFOR INTER has been partners with LABARONNE-CITAF since 1996.
Certified and exclusive distributor for the BeNeLux region and German agriculture market for the storage of liquid fertiliser solutions.
Growing exports to Africa, especially to the Congo (RDC), ex-Belgian Congo.



  • Washing areas
  • Retention tanks
  • Self-erecting tanks
  • Reinforced tanks
  • Mérou-Viti® aerated, closed tanks
  • Closed transport tanks
  • Ecobag® semi-buried tanks
  • Self-supporting closed flexible tanks
  • AB Cover biogas covers
  • Tank covers
  • Gutter covers
  • Combibag flexible digesters
  • Flexible ballasts
  • Tank sealing liners
  • Gas holders


Highlights of Labaronne-Citaf® expertise – report by France 2 - April 2016

Report by France Bleu Isère - March 2017

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