Drinking water

Labaronne-Citaf offers economical, safe and easy-to-install flexible solutions for the storage and preservation of drinking water – a vital and strategic resource.

Water storage has been the primary mission of Labaronne-Citaf since 1959, with a specially designed range of flexible drinking water tanks that meet health standards in various different countries.

In France, Labaronne-Citaf is now the only provider to offer specially designed for drinking water storage tanks that meet the ACS standard (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire – “sanitary compliance certificate”).

Over in Germany, the same is true for the KTW standard. To meet the needs of other countries, Labaronne-Citaf manufactures flexible tanks using textiles and equipment that are specially adapted for human consumption. Every Labaronne-Citaf tank passes liquid conservation compliance tests and is certified for no textile-to-liquid migration (all textiles are certified non-toxic).

Maximum capacity: 2,000 m3 (per tank).


  • Water tanks for emergency humanitarian and development aid
  • Water supply for isolated sites, spring water recovery
  • Industrial and food industry processes
  • Drinking water tanks for military bases
  • Drinking water storage for construction sites, drilling sites and mining operations
  • Storage to relieve seasonal deficiencies in drinking water conveyance networks or during water tower refurbishment
  • Buffer storage for mobile treatment stations
  • Water storage for spas

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