Water is a scarce resource. Good water management requires water reserves or rainwater recovery systems.

The roots of LABARONNE-CITAF can be traced back to French Algeria in 1959 with CITAF = CITerne pour l’Agriculture Française, which loosely translates to “storage tanks for French farming”. Water storage has been its primary mission ever since.

We offer comprehensive and flexible storage tank solutions all the equipment and accessories needed to collect, store and redistribute water and rainwater.

Our self-supporting flexible tank and our self-assembling tank are quick-and-easy solutions that can be implemented immediately with no special maintenance requirements. Our closed water tanks can be installed outside, in crawlspaces or under a terrace.

Maximum capacity: 2,000 m3 (per tank).


  • Water tanks for livestock watering
  • Water storage on drilling sites, mining operations, worksites, during swimming pool maintenance, etc.
  • Rainwater recovery for irrigation and spraying
  • Cleaning water for farming and industrial equipment
  • Ballasts and load testing

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