Armed forces

Labaronne-Citaf® supplies custom flexible tanks tailored to meet the needs of the military.

Specialised textiles and quality equipment are carefully selected according to the liquids being stored or transported.

There are numerous applications:

  • Drinking water storage tanks (food quality certified based on KTW textiles).
  • Trailer-mounted drinking water storage tanks (mobile water distribution) up to 18,000 L.
  • Heliportable tanks up to 1,500 L.
  • Mobile drinking water production units: open tanks (self-erecting tanks) for decanting up to 300 m3 and closed tanks (self-supporting tanks) for drinking water storage prior to distribution up to 1,000 m3.
  • Refuelling, hydrocarbon storage (fuel, kerosene, etc.) up to 100 m3 in living quarters.
  • Polluted water recovery and pre-treatment.
  • Greywater storage.
  • Rainwater recovery
  • Firefighting tanks up to 1,000 m3.
  • Retention tanks.

LABARONNE CITAF is recognised as a certified military supplier worldwide.

Registered with NAMSA, LABARONNE CITAF also has a number of references from UNO agencies.

LABARONNE CITAF actively invests in the EDEN Defence, Safety and Security Cluster (European Defence Economic Network).

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