Optimisation and rehabilitation of wells with the Eucastream® Suction Flow Control Device

Ref. BRGM - Ing. Jean Luc WATHELET - Hydrogéologie, no. 4, 1994, pp. 15-24, 11 fig.

The suction flow control device (SFCD) is designed to be equipped in wells whose operation is perturbed by a heterogeneous inflow distribution across the screen (filters).

The SFCD is a PVC tube with differentiated perforations calculated from the geometrical, geological and hydraulic data (see our detailed technical questionnaire) of the well that is being optimised (for new wells) or rehabilitated (for previously used wells). The objective of the SFCD is to equalise the inflow (uniform, low and horizontal velocities) over the vertical axis of the screens or filters by using mathematical models and computer programs specifically developed for this purpose.

Optimising the hydrodynamic characteristics of the well should allow higher flow rates to be achieved given desirable operating conditions.

Suspended matter (sand) and dissolved matter (turbidity) is eliminated or strongly reduced; clogging phenomena due to biological incrustation on the screen and filters are slowed down; the service life of the well is increased; maintenance costs (premature pump wear) is minimised; development periods (desanding) are shortened; geological formations can be selectively exploited; and specific yields are improved in certain target applications.

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