Water supply from wells

EUFOR INTER is regularly involved in the planning and execution of specific projects for industrial customers to supply water to new locations, increase water capacities as an alternative or in parallel to the mains water distribution network.

The execution of these projects typically includes the following phases:

  • Vertical drilling using an appropriate technique given the geology and target objectives, based on the findings of a preliminary study
  • Jet drilling, suction drilling, hammer drilling, etc.
  • Installation of pumping equipment (after preliminary pumping tests), i.e. submersible motor pump unit, discharge riser and instruments.
  • Construction of a pumping station: hydraulic and electric components.
  • Installation of a frequency converter and fine-tuning of system automation.

The selected equipment and fine-tuning of the operation are defined in terms of specific technical criteria in close collaboration with customers to ensure that their needs are met as precisely as possible.

Drilling is performed in close collaboration with our specialised partners according to the selected technique.

Our long-term partner BHG Brechtel is certified according to DVGW CERT W 120-1

As well as conventional vertical drilling, BHG Brechtel specialises in horizontal drilling and has completed a number of major reference projects worldwide.

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