UV insect removal

Effective and non-toxic solutions that exploit the properties of light to reduce insecticide usage.

Insectron® devices eliminate flying insects safely, extremely efficiently and without using chemicals.

The process takes advantage of a natural and scientifically observable phenomenon: the eyes of insects have a large number of facets that are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Insect removers work in two stages:

  1. An irresistible light source attracts the insects

    This trapping technique typically uses 368-nm UV-A emission lamps (harmless to humans) to attract any nearby flying insects, which are sensitive to this light source. The only role of this light is to attract insects – it does not kill them.

  2. The insects are captured

    After entering the device, the insects are trapped, either by a high voltage grid or a glue board, depending on the model.


Models with glue boards

These insect removers attract insects using UV-A light, then traps them with a specially designed board covered with glue. Increasingly popular with users (especially for quality audits), glue board insect removal systems have several advantages:

  • No noise or odour
  • Captures all flying insects, even the smallest
  • Hygienic, no risk of spattering from burned insects
  • The trap remains clean
  • Easy to count insect numbers (monitoring)
  • Easy to identify insect species
  • No risk of fires or sparks

Models with high-voltage grids

These insect removes electrocute any insects that come into contact with the grid placed in the centre of the system. The electrocuted insects are collected in a recovery tray.


  • Fire risk (from sparks)
  • Risk of spattering outside the trap during electrocution
  • Pulverised insect residue in the air (cross-contamination)
  • Unpleasant noise and odour
  • Counting difficult and inaccurate
  • Identification of captured insects impossible

Double spectrum traps (blue and green at different frequencies)

Insectron® offers an exclusive range of dual-spectrum insect removers that are even more effective. This technique is derived from a scientific study on insect behaviour conducted in the Netherlands.


A large range of Insectron® equipment is available for professional applications:

  • Industrial models IN 100 – 200 – 300 – 400, effective over areas ranging from 100 to 400 m2.
  • Glue board (G) or Electrocution (E) models
  • Wall attachments (W) or suspended ceiling attachments (C)
  • Electrical protection index IP54, IP65 or ATEX
  • T2 commercial model


All Insectron® equipment is non-chemical, non-toxic and completely harmless for humans and the environment. The Insectron® range is compliant with the most demanding standards and regulations.

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