Steel pressure vessels

Design and manufacture of stainless-steel tanks and mechanically welded parts for the storage and treatment of water and pressurised fluids:

Human-sized pressurised storage tanks: air separators, hydrophore tanks, reactors, filters, etc.

Mechanically welded assemblies: dewatering risers for submersible motor pumps, well heads, dissolvers, drying hoods, powder dosing units, etc.

Piping and frames for various applications: vacuum units, ducts, steam headers, etc.

Skid-mounted fluid treatment units (structure).


  • Max. capacity 20,000L (20 m³)
  • Maximum weight
    • 8T for “steel” tanks
    • 5T for “stainless steel” tanks
  • Maximum diameter - 3m
  • Pressure - up to 100 bar

Our workshop is quality-certified according to ISO 9001.
The skills of our engineers, technicians and welders as well as the performance of our equipment comply with the European directive PED 2014/68 on pressurised equipment.
The engineering and design office complies with the EN 13445 standard and the CODAP and ASME VIII building codes.

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