Ortho (Nisramont dam) and Bras (Libramont) pumping stations...

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Eufor Inter

Since the early 2000, EUFOR INTER has delivered and commissioned large numbers of BERSON UV systems to provide treatment for flow rates ranging up to from 10 to 1,000 m3/h per system on the production sites of the Société Wallonne de Distribution d’Eau (SWDE) throughout the region of Wallonia.

EUFOR INTER SPRL also provides excellent local aftersales services, i.e. commissioning and configuration/programming for new installations, as well as preventive maintenance and repairs to ensure that the Berson UV installations can continue to operate in outstanding form to meet the guaranteed minimum performance levels.

The goal of UV disinfection is to ensure the bacteriological compliance of the mains water supply.

Most pumping stations are equipped with BersonInLine and BersonInLine+ systems and medium-pressure mercury vapour UV lamps. “Medium-pressure” or “polychromatic” lamps are particularly efficient thanks to their high intensity and wide frequency spectrum (200 to 280 nm). At equivalent dosage (UV dose - RED/CFD), this technology achieves greater levels of safety, especially for chlorine-resistant bacteria, such as Giardia, Cryptosridium and various forms of Clostridium (including spores).

Clostridium (perfringens and spores, etc.) can appear in surface water and catchment water during periods of high rainfall.

In the past, “medium pressure” technology was reputed for its effectiveness but was relatively “energy intensive”. Thanks to development by Berson over the last ten years, we now have access to efficient techniques with reasonable operating costs.The HF power supplies of our specially adapted UV-C lamps and automatic control and monitoring systems with an integrated controller achieve very high levels of performance while keeping electricity consumption and maintenance costs low.

Our systems are automatically and steplessly power-controlled between 30 and 100% of the rated power.

Additionally, maintenance costs are reduced, since only a limited number of UV lamps are required (UV-C lamps, quartz sheaths, sealing O-rings and mechanical cleaning packing, UV detectors and monitoring).

Most procurement contracts by the SWDE (call for tenders) explicitly specify UV treatment (disinfection) as a requirement for catchment and production sites.

For sensitive production sites, we can also offer very high-quality guarantees, especially for the disinfection/inactivation of

≥ 3 log for Clostridium, Giardia and Cryptosporidium *

*Source: IUVA Guideline G01A-2005 International Ultraviolet Association

One concrete example is the pumping station at ORTHO (LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE) – Ortho reservoir (Nisramont dam), which supplies a vast region in the Belgian Ardennes, spanning La Roche, Bastogne and Marche-en-Famenne:

Treatment capacity = 2 x 650 m3/h

Treatment capacity = 2 x 1,300 m3/h

Their 2 x BersonInLine© 4250+ DW Summit (40 mJ/cm² RED – CFD) systems have provided outstanding results since 2013.

In addition, the hydraulic properties of this technology are excellent (head losses limited to 40 cm of water @ nominal flow rates), with no risk of the nitrite formation from nitrates thanks to the 240 nm integrated filters.

Today, Berson recommends choosing systems that have been certified by an approved organisation, e.g. the DVGW or the USEPA, for any drinking water treatment that requires quality and performance guarantees.

Berson has a wide range of certified UV systems which cover the requirements of a wide range of flow rates and water qualities (transmittance, UVT@254nm).

The best choice between low-pressure and medium-pressure UV-C (mercury vapour) lamp technologies depends on the requirements and the technical specifications of each project.

The pumping station currently under construction at BRAS (LIBRAMONT) is a noteworthy example.

For this project, the certified BersonInLine© 1000+ USEPA (40 mJ/cm² - Adenovirus/MS2) system was chosen to provide all the required quality guarantees.