UV dechlorination

Eufor Inter - Veolia

Eufor Inter

In 2016/2017, EUFOR INTER delivered, commissioned and provided maintenance for the following ultraviolet radiation water dechlorination systems:

2 x Hanovia PharmaLine © DC300

Disinfection and dechlorination of drinking water (mains water supply) for 2 RO systems.

Capacity per line = 10 m³/h

Dechlorination is guaranteed to 2 log from max. input of 1 ppm of free chlorine...

(Other specifications possible.)

UV Hanovia PharmaLine DC systems enable mains water supplies to be treated at high UV doses, providing dechlorination and disinfection guarantees (details confidential) that meet the needs of the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

UV technology for water dechlorination and disinfection protects reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and ion exchange resins (EDI) from chlorine and biofouling.

UV treatment is an alternative to proven conventional techniques, such as Activated Charcoal Filters (ACF) and/or the treatment by Sodium Meta-Bisulphite (SMB). UV technology has many advantages over conventional techniques, including the elimination of biofouling risks (microbial contamination), simplified control and monitoring for operators and reduced space requirements in treatment facilities.

Together, these advantages mean a longer process service-life and reduced operating costs.


*Any photos of on-site systems are confidential and are the property of the customer.