Submersible motor pump units

PLEUGER® has been at the forefront of virtually every significant innovation in centrifugal pump and water transfer technology.

Today, PLEUGER® (FLOWSERVE) offers the largest range of submersible pumps with watercooled motors and accessories.


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Pleuger® (Flowserve) submersible pumps are multistage centrifugal units that operate below the water level, driven by three-phase submersible electric motors.
Inside the well, the pumps and motors form a single a unit that is suspended from the dewatering (or discharge) riser by a non-return valve.

Pleuger® (Flowserve) submersible pumps can be used for various applications: drinking water conveyance, industry and offshore.

Pumps are available in diameters from 4” to 48” with flow rates of up to 80,000 m3/h and pressure values equivalent to a water column of up to 800 m.

The pumps are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality to achieve optimum efficiency and maximum service life under difficult operating conditions.
They are tested and inspected to guarantee high operational safety.
Pleuger® pump components are designed modularly. This allows specific characteristics to be achieved with as few parts as possible.
Manufacturing high-quality submersible pumping systems and motors requires specialised expertise and constant improvements in manufacturing processes – from the CAD design stage all the way to CNC machining – to achieve impeccable quality.
It’s no wonder that the experts have considered Pleuger® (Flowserve) synonymous with top quality products for decades.


For specific applications, special materials or combinations of materials can be used to maximise the service life.
Impellers are available in the following materials: Noryl, Bronze/NiAlBz, AISI 316 or Super Duplex, depending on the constraints of the application.

Pleuger® submersible motors have been recognised for their reliable service since 1929. These asynchronous squirrel cage submersible motors are filled with water or glycolated water (65% water / 35% glycol). The rotor and stator are immersed in water for cooling.

The motor windings are hydrophobic with reinforced electrical insulation (PVC or PE2+PA), insulation class Y (90°C). The motors are rewindable. Electricity is supplied by a specific connection with an immersible motor cable outlet. The cable is made waterproof by a specially designed bracket and fixture.

The dynamically balanced rotor is guided by oversized bearings at the top and bottom of the motor. A diaphragm at the base of the motor equalises the pressure in response to temperature variations. Depending on the submersion depth, the diaphragm maintains pressure equality between the interior of the motor and the exterior.

A high-quality mechanical seal prevents water from entering the motor and protects it against any contamination.

Even under the most severe operating conditions, the self-centring and adjustable axial stop provides counterthrust throughout the service life of the pump.

Pleuger® motors are designed for either vertical or horizontal systems.

To secure its reputation as the leading manufacturer of water pumping equipment, Pleuger® (Flowserve) is constantly improving its submersible motor pump units.

Operation at 50 or 60 Hz 
Power from 5.5 to 5,000 kW

For more than twenty years, EUFOR INTER has been using motor pump units (MPUs) by Pleuger® for projects in Belgium and for exports, in close collaboration with the manufacturer.

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