Metal tanks on concrete aprons

EUFOR INTER delivers and provides on-site assembly for storage tanks for water and liquids.
Our bolted metal storage tanks are designed for a variety of applications: water for firefighting, drinking water, water for industrial processes and utilities, urban effluents and industrial effluents. We adapt to each new project to meet the specialised liquid storage needs of our customer (industry, municipalities, fitters, sprinkler system engineers, project developers, water treatment specialists, etc.).

Storage tanks are available in galvanised steel, epoxy-coated steel or enamelled steel to suit different types of liquid. Upon request, we also offer storage tanks made from stainless steel or corrugated sheet metal.

We offer various solutions for water and liquid storage tanks in our range of products:

  • Firefighting water tanks: bolted galvanised steel
  • Drinking water tanks made from galvanised or enamelled steel
  • Depuration tanks in epoxy-coated or enamelled steel: buffer tanks, aeration tanks, clarifiers, slurry silos, digesters, biogas production tanks, etc.
  • Other industrial process or utility water tanks and rainwater storage tanks.
  • Tank covers.

Our tanks are sealed with either a special membrane (interior pouch or liner) or mastic/elastomer seals, depending on the application and the stored liquid.

Storage volumes up to 25,000 m3 per tank.


  • Fire protection
  • Drinking water and process water
  • Urban and industrial effluents
  • Oil & Gas – Energy

A number of industrial references are available in Belgium and for exports.

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