Inspection and regeneration of water production wells (drinking water and industrial process water)

It is essential to regularly monitor production wells according to a maintenance plan (e.g. every 3 years) by performing a video camera inspection and periodic cleaning/regeneration. Depending on the results of the inspections and pumping tests, it may prove useful or essential to adapt or upgrade the equipment.

EUFOR INTER offers periodic maintenance including the following services:

  • Handling

    Raising and installation of the motor pump unit and its accessories by specialised personnel using suitable lifting machinery.

  • High-pressure cleaning and regeneration of wells

    • Using special, counter-rotating injectors.
    • Progressive regulation from 1 to 550 bar using an inspection camera.
    • Injection head diameter adapted to the diameter(s) of the well.
    • Verification and on-site adjustments based on tests/calibrations.
    • Cleaning and unclogging by HP injection onto the tubing, screen, screen slots and bulk filters of the structure with simultaneous pumping to remove any disaggregated incrustation products.
  • Air-lift with cleaning/flushing

    Flushing of deposits accumulated at the bottom of the well by pumping foaming agent.

  • Pumping tests before and after cleaning/regeneration

    • According to the DVGW – W 111 standard at variable flow rates with measurements of drawdown, water table rise and specific flow rates.
    • Report with pre/post regeneration measurements.
  • Video camera inspection (before and after work)

    • Comprehensive inspection down to the well base from the geotechnical cross-sections captured by the camera, provided that there are no natural obstacles making it hazardous or impossible to lower the equipment (K110 camera - diam. DN100), descent/ raising, double lens camera (axial and radial), rotation through 360°, definition/verification of water inlets, faults, obstacles, deposits, tubing and screens.
    • The primary objective is to precisely verify/identify the water inlets, filtering (production) sections, as well as the general state of the tubing and screens, to optimise the operation of the well.
    • Records are saved on CD-ROM with text (including titles, dates, depths and comments in the user’s language).
    • Colour photos are delivered of any noteworthy observations relevant to the customer’s requests on-site.
  • Commissioning and operational testing

In addition, EUFOR INTER also offers:

Inspections and geophysical measurements in wells, tubing or open holes

  • Gamma ray (GR) or natural gamma ray measurements
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Diameter//4-arm calliper (CAL-4)
  • Verticality//Deviation (BA)
  • Cementing//Cement Bond Log (CBL)
  • Conductivity//Temperature (SAL/TEMP)
  • Micro-current meter//Static and dynamic flowmeter (during pump operation)

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