Industrial piping and pressure vessels

EUFOR INTER has everything you need for pressurised equipment...

Design and manufacture of mechanically welded parts, including piping for pumping stations, and the storage and treatment of water and pressurised liquids.

  • mechanically welded assemblies: discharge riser pipes for submersible motor units equipped with standardised flanges or quick and compact Eucopro® or ZSM (QIC) couplings, well heads, etc.
  • accessory piping and frames: vacuum units, ducts, steam headers
  • skid-mounted fluid treatment units (structure)
  • human-sized pressurised storage tanks: air separators, hydrophore tanks, reactors, filters, etc.

Our workshop is quality-certified according to ISO 9001.
The skills of our engineers, technicians and welders as well as the performance of our equipment comply with the European directive PED 2014/68 on pressurised equipment.
The engineering and design office complies with the EN 13445 standard and the CODAP and ASME VIII building codes.

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