Hyper-sized volumes and silo covers


“Hyper-sized” storage for manure, biogas slurry and other effluents.

Flexible storage in Ecobag systems ranges up to 7,000 m3.

Reasonable upfront costs and limited effort required for installation on most types of land, providing discreet storage of large volumes of liquids within the countryside.

A range of equipment and options are available depending on the application.


Covers for silos. No CO2 emissions.

The Silocover is an effective cover that prevents your silo from emitting CO2 or being overloaded by rainwater thanks to its unique and innovative rainwater removal system.

The Silocover therefore provides an efficient and economical means of covering various types of silos: concrete, steel, plastic, etc.


  • Washing areas
  • Retention basins
  • Self-erecting tanks
  • Reinforced tanks
  • Mérou-Viti® aerated closed tanks
  • Closed transport tanks
  • Ecobag® semi-buried tanks
  • Self-supporting closed flexible tanks
  • AB Cover® biogas covers
  • Tank covers
  • Gutter covers
  • Combibag flexible digesters
  • Flexible ballasts
  • Tank sealing liners
  • Gas holders

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