UV radiation treatment of water & liquids - Industrial and swimming pools applications

The DNA and other enzymes and biomolecules of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds, etc.) are damaged by ultraviolet radiation, which stops the replication of genetic material and prevents micro-organisms from surviving or multiplying.


With a wide range of modular equipment, our experts can meet even the most specialised of needs in customer applications.


Our state-of-the-art UV reactors, lamps, electric/HF (High Frequency) electronic power supplies and integrated control systems are among the most efficient solutions in the world, guaranteeing optimised and efficient UV treatment.

The best choice between low-pressure UV lamp technology (including amalgam lamps) or medium-pressure mercury-vapour lamps depends on the application and the target objectives. We offer both types of technology so that customers can make the most appropriate choice on a case-by-case basis.

“Medium-pressure” or “polychromatic” lamps are particularly efficient thanks to their high intensity and wide frequency spectrum (200 to 280 nm).
At equivalent dosage (UV dose - RED/CFD), this technology achieves greater levels of safety, especially for chlorine-resistant bacteria, such as Giardia, Cryptosridium and various forms of Clostridium (including spores).

The HF power supplies of our specially adapted UV-C lamps and automatic control and monitoring systems with an integrated controller achieve very high levels of performance while keeping electricity consumption and maintenance costs low. Our systems are automatically and steplessly power-controlled between 30 and 100% of the rated power.

The Berson InLine+ and Hanovia PureLine PQ reactors are optimised and certified. Their compact design makes them easy to install directly in line with the pipes (“InLine concept”), which greatly reduces head losses.

Our systems can optionally be equipped with an electrically or pneumatically driven mechanical cleaning system, which is indispensable in many applications.
New generations of UV lamps are also currently under development.


All our ultraviolet water treatment systems meet quality standards and the most demanding of regulations, including KTW, WRAS, NSF 61, USP class 6 (88) 121°C, FDA21 CFR 177.2600, DVGW W270, ACS.
In addition, we have a wide range of UV systems certified by the DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.), the USEPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) or the NWRI (US National Water Research Institute).


Monitoring and maintenance are essential for your UV system to guarantee performance and long service life.

We offer meticulous aftersales services, starting with on-site commissioning, throughout the entire service life of your UV equipment (preventive maintenance and repairs).

Our technicians are qualified and certified by the manufacturers.


  • Disinfection
  • Dechlorinating
  • Dechloramination
  • De-ozonising
  • Photo-oxidation of Total or dissolved Organic Carbon (TOC)


  • Stage 1

    Project analysis and verification of technical parameters.
    Send us a water sample for a free transmittance analysis (UVT10 at 254nm) to determine whether UV treatment is possible and identify the required performance. The measured transmittance value is used to identify the most appropriate dimensions for the UV system.

  • Stage 2

    Our specialists will identify the model dimensions needed to meet the water quality targets after UV treatment. They will consider various parameters: flow rate, transmittance, water analysis findings, required performance, volume, head losses, operating costs, etc.

  • Stage 3

    Une fois le système UV défini, et toutes les spécifications et options validées, la fabrication du système peut démarrer. Livraison au terme des tests de qualité.

  • Stage 4

    Once the UV system has been specified and all specifications and options have been confirmed, system manufacturing can begin. Final delivery proceeds after the quality tests are complete.

  • Stage 5

    We also offer on-site training and more cost-efficient “UV Care” maintenance contracts to help you learn to operate and maintain your UV system.

EUFOR INTER has more than twenty years of experience with the BERSON and HANOVIA (GROUPE HALMA) brands. Our manufacturers are recognised worldwide.


  • Pharmaceutical industry, vaccines, healthcare and cosmetics
  • Food industry, including breweries, water and soft drinks, milk products, liquid sugar production, etc.
  • Aquaculture
  • Maritime applications
  • Construction

EUFOR INTER is an exclusive representative of BERSON and HANOVIA in the BeNeLux region for industrial and swimming pool applications and in BeLux for municipal applications:

  • Design studies, sales and aftersales services.
  • Many references available in every professional market segment.
  • EUFOR INTER plays a pioneering role in this market in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Many of our projects are developed for exports, in particular to Africa in close collaboration with our (multinational) industrial customers.


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