Loaded liquids pumps

BÖRGER® lobe pumps are self-priming volumetric pumps without valves.

Constantly rotating pairs of lobes create a vacuum at the suction inlet in the direction of rotation, drawing liquid into the pump compartment. As the rotation continues, the lobes discharge the captured liquid, which travels along the wall of the pump to the discharge zone. Each full rotation can discharge up to six liquid-filled cavities, depending on the shape of the lobes. When the lobes stop turning, the pump is almost perfectly watertight.

Max. discharge flow rate 1,600 m³/h 
Discharge height up to 160 m


Börger® designs and builds lobe pumps for all applications. Every Börger® pump is its own custom solution. Börger® is unrivalled in its range and diversity of materials. The design of each pump is also tailored to the specific requirements of the application. Whether you need a submersible, semi-mounted drive system or a mobile pump for a tanker, Börger® lobe pumps can be as unique as your requirements.


Repairs and production shut-downs take time and cost money. Our customers shouldn’t need to spend their valuable time performing maintenance... This is the key idea underlying Börger’s constant efforts to perfect their lobe pumps.
The result: an extremely efficient, reliable pump with unequalled ease of maintenance. All spare parts and wear parts are highly resistant, which provides a long service life and makes great economic sense.

At Börger®, expensive maintenance contracts don’t exist – you can perform all repairs and maintenance yourself. This is made possible by the unique MIP design of our pumps: MIP (“Maintenance In Place”) means that any parts exposed to wear-and-tear can be easily and directly replaced on-site by non-specialised maintenance personnel, without needing to disassemble the piping or the drive system.

Of course, EUFOR INTER always keeps technicians available for assistance, just in case.


  • Industry
  • Purification
  • Food industry
  • Marine & offshore
  • Agriculture and biogas
  • Disaster relief


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The ONIXLine Rotary Lobe Pump

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