The Wellmaster® is a flexible discharge riser for submersible electrical pumps suitable for any applications involving water extraction from water tables or exploratory drilling.
The Wellmaster® is part of the “Angus Flexible Pipelines” range.
Thanks to its ease of installation, the Wellmaster® can provide cost advantages over rigid steel pipes.

The Wellmaster® is designed with a highly resistant polyester textile woven in circles to grant mechanical and pressure-resistant properties. A double polyurethane coating provides waterproofness and abrasive resistance.
Wellmaster risers are reinforced with textile ribs to support a strapping system for electrical cables (single or double reinforced, depending on the diameter of the riser).
Stainless steel couplings can be attached to the ends of the pipe to connect to the pump and the well head.
A “WellCalc” software calculation program is available to help you select the most suitable Wellmaster® riser given the characteristics of your application.


  • Light, layflat design that can be coiled for storage, handling and transport.
  • Internationally certified for pumping and drinking water transfer.
  • Completely resistant to corrosion, microbiological agents and lime deposits.
  • Compatible with all types of submersible motor pumps, up to 8” - DN200.
  • Long operational life with a 5-year warranty (standard warranty).
  • Highly abrasion-resistant outer sheath.
  • High safety margins for tensile strength and hydraulic performance.
  • Superior hydraulic performance thanks to low head losses, hence reducing operating costs.
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly, substantially reducing labour and maintenance costs.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards within the quality management system of Angus Flexible Pipelines.
  • A comprehensive range of (316) stainless steel couplings or custom components (Duplex or Super Duplex for seawater or corrosive waters) are available on request.


  • Regulation 31 of the Drinking Water Inspectorate in the United Kingdom
  • NSF international standard in the United States
  • BDA standard in Germany
  • AS 4020 standard in Australia

Typical applications

Proven performance from more than 30 years of experience and over 75,000 installations worldwide.

  • Extraction of underground drinking and mineral water
  • Water supply from wells for seawater desalination plants
  • Reverse osmosis well systems
  • Extraction of discharge leachates
  • Water removal from mines and quarries
  • Underground water stabilisation on construction sites
  • Underground water pressure reduction for tunnels and galleries
  • Miscellaneous applications on offshore platforms
  • Pumping-based firefighting on offshore platforms

Available systems

Wellmaster 250 (25 bars)

  • Max. pressure: 250 m (25 bar)
  • Tensile strength: < 20 tonnes
  • Individual sections of 200 m
  • Rust-proof
  • 5-year warranty (standard)

Wellmaster 150 (15 bars)

  • Max. pressure: 150 m (15 bar)
  • Individual sections of 200 m
  • Rust-proof
  • 5-year warranty (standard)

Wellmaster 400 (40 bars)

  • Max. pressure: 400 m (40 bar)
  • Tensile strength (according to specifications)
  • Rust-proof
  • 5-year warranty (standard)


Section 1 - Introduction to the Wellmaster coupling components

Section 2 - Preparing the Wellmaster and fitting it to the coupling

Section 3 - Fitting the coupling collars and initial tightening

Section 4 - Completing the fitting of the coupling and adjusting the torque

Section 5 - Trouble Shooting

Installation in the field (2016)

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